Integrating Technology in Education


This WordPress site is designed for everyone in our education system from teachers and administrators to parents and students.  Originally started as a requirement for just responses/assignments in New Theories and Research in Digital Literacy class at the University of Pittsburgh, this now hosts information I previously published on another webpage for families in my first grade class and information intended to help teachers integrate technology into their lessons.

I truly believe that to prepare our students for their futures in our society, we must allow them the opportunity fully engage with technology.  We also must teach them electronic responsibility as they interact with devices.  Furthermore, technology, no matter how advanced, can replace the need for highly qualified educators who must facilitate, lead, and assess in order to provide individualized and excellent education for each student.

Blogs posted on this site are my opinion solely and are intended only to share my experience and thoughts gathered when utilizing different apps, devices, and applications.   Anything that I include a link to is something that I find useful and remains the property of that site.

A Note about Digital Literacy

Sara Kajder

I was lucky enough to have Dr. Kajder as the professor of  New Literacies when I was completing my Masters at Pitt.  She is definitely a frontrunner in our quest to adapt education to the changing landscape of our technological world.  The work in this blog was started in that very class.  She has authored award winning books and is an excellent resource for all teachers, especially english teachers.

Dr. Sara Kajder’s Blog


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