Are you a digital native?

The original way we were to upload this would not work for me.  I hope this workaround I found through viddler does!

This is a 4-minute response to the question which asks if we feel as though we are digital natives.


2 responses to “Are you a digital native?

  1. Good evening! As with every video that I’ve watched this evening, I thought that you brought so many great points to the table. You mentioned in your video that it seems as though students under the age of 18 or so “don’t think first”. I see this everyday in my classroom. Some of my students (and I’ll admit it, sometimes me, too) always seem to look for the quickest way to do something…whether it’s done correctly or not. Some of my kids use computers to a fault.

    I had an Algebra 2 teacher in high school who rarely let us use calculators. He used to say that we needed to “understand the process” and that by using calculators, we found the answer, not the reason for the answer. At the time, I thought he was just doing it to be mean. I now know, as a teacher, why he did this and I find myself at times sounding like he did with my own students.

    Here’s to a great semester and wonderful conversations!

  2. The way you framed the conversation around languages was brilliant. It makes much more sense to think of it in terms of different languages and how we process information. Because we have to think first, we are a second behind, two steps behind our students who can simply react. However, perhaps this thought process gives us a leg up in terms of generating quality over quantity.

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