Really? This wasn’t in Teacher School!

There are so many times I just dump myself in the door of the Principal’s office and say, “Help! They didn’t teach this in the Teacher School.”  It is not uncommon to have the experience that the “on-the-job training” is so much different then what was learned in the classroom.  Teaching is no exception.  There is so much to know in teaching that they could not possibly teach you in the classroom- unless you never want to progress from student to teacher.  But there are a few things, some seemingly funny, others as serious as trying to help that struggling 6-year old to read, that I swear someone secretly didn’t tell us in order to laugh like the Joker when we learned it.  Some of those things I hope to include here.

Most of us have bought that First Year of Teaching for Dummies only to think later that we were the dummies for thinking we’d have time to read it.  Either way, we are all in this together.  The face of education is changing and it is as important as it has ever been.  We have loads of kids who could blow us right on by if only they could read and someone cared enough to help them get their homework done.  We want to be that person and if we work together, as they say, divide and conquer, maybe we can get it done.


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