Screencapture Review

So, I have completed it.  My first screencapture review is complete and I am glad that I had some thoughts previous to actually doing it about these three tools (notes in previous blog), screenr, screencast-o-matic, and jing.  I opted for jing.  It required a download onto my computer, but I am enjoying the little sun in the corner of my computer. Maybe it’ll be like sunshine in our dark Pittsburgh winters. :o)  I also think for me, it is nice and easy to be able to just click on the sun and get started when ready to record.

Per my comments about the time allowed for  recording, Jing only allows for 5 minutes per recording.  I found that to be really restrictive.  This time limit would really need to be considered based on what you were trying to accomplish. If you just wanted to handle peer or student submissions one area at a time, it might work, but there also might be some back and forth and multiple copies.

On the positive side, I loved that Jing has a great little window that no matter if I chose to save the file on my computer or upload to (sister site of jing), all of my recordings were right there.  When I finished recording, Jing automatically and immediately put a link to my file in my clipboard so I could paste it where needed.  I was able to just click a button and it was uploaded to and I was given the URL to it.  That is incredibly useful if students are using this at multiple computers. Teachers and students could have access at any time and more importantly anywhere.

Digital Composing – Peer Review of Student Interview Article


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