Should I Bookmark This?

I feel like the battle over organization of information has persisted through all the ages.  The question is not new to the technology information age.  Just look at the variety of types, styles, and sizes of notebooks, index cards, flagging tags, post-it notes, binders, etc.  Now though, the question is if we are supposed to be able to reduce our paper load in light of the ability to store huge amounts of electronic information how to do we organize it in order to find it again when we need it.  How do we share it with others?  Furthermore, if the information is all already online how do we access it without moving it to additional locations?  Many web-based tools continue to become available to bookmark, cite, and note information online.  Some include Del-i-cious, Google Bookmarks, and the tool I tried this week, Diigo.  I will say, as with everything else, there are pros and cons to everything and this is no different.  The learning curve can always be trying and I know on at least one occasion I seemed to have LOST my comment, post, or sticky note.  I also am not sure about the whole tagging thing.  For someone as heavily dependent on the Internet as I am to survive, I still wonder if I will remember the tags I used or if I will then need bookmarks for those.  Hmmmmm….

Some of the things I think Diigo is useful for include sharing articles or information on the web with colleagues.  The problem I found is that I wanted to share things with others that were not openly available to just anyone online and without the proper passwords or ability to  upload it to the site as a .pdf (which is not available with the free service) I was not able to share it.  Other than that, it was great to be able to put online information from many places into one location where it could be reviewed at one time. I also did like the viewing options Diigo offered where you could see just the titles or a longer branch format.  I am not able though at this time to tell some of the pros and cons in comparison to the other options like Google and Del-i-cious because I am not entirely familiar with the others.

At this point, I have been using Del-i-cious to provide me with access to the websites I want to access all the time from any computer.  And I do not know that I feel the need to go to another system of doing that.  As for research, again, the computer dependent me, still needs my information on paper.  Largely because I need to be able to see more than one thing at a time.  The only other alternative to be able to see all of my paper around me on the table so I can access it as I write on the screen would be to have multiple screens at my access at one time.  So, until I can do that, I fear I will be using online bookmarking tools only to find where things I want to read or print are located.


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