First Grade Fluency | ipadio | Talk to your World

iPadio is a fantastic tool for first grade fluency!  In our building, we have computers, but without headsets or mics.  As a result, it is a one-on-one world when we are trying to work on fluency with the kids.  This tools allows students do get an iTouch or iPad and it is as simple as hitting “record.”  Then at a later time, a teacher can assess fluency, students can listen to themselves reading.  Also, students can listen at a listen to multiple recordings and hear changes in their reading over time.  Also, parents can do the same using a link provided to them.  There are so many tools available for our tech savvy, but overwhelmingly busy world.  It is fantastic to find one that provides options for use in primary classrooms!

First Grade Fluency | ipadio | Talk to your World.



Blogs, Vlogs, Podcasts, OH MY!

I am not sure which is more fun: being able to share my opinions to this blog or coming up with the names for the posts!

This week was the fine tuning and publishing of my first ever podcast.  My favorite part so far was my 8 year old stating in wonder about the fact that I could do this.  That got me thinking about our world and again, how far technology has taken us.  We hear broadcasts and we think of the radio studios with all the mics, Continue reading