Blogs, Vlogs, Podcasts, OH MY!

I am not sure which is more fun: being able to share my opinions to this blog or coming up with the names for the posts!

This week was the fine tuning and publishing of my first ever podcast.  My favorite part so far was my 8 year old stating in wonder about the fact that I could do this.  That got me thinking about our world and again, how far technology has taken us.  We hear broadcasts and we think of the radio studios with all the mics, boom mics, headsets, and producers.  Yet, today, with a laptop, likely even just an iPod, and an Internet connection, you can have your “radio” or video show.  The second place favorite was that my kids all complained; whining when I made everyone shut my door and chastised them for fighting and other typical sibling behaviors because of the screams that would echo in the back of my recording.  Guess the novelty of Mommy with technology has worn off.

Onto the podcast – this one was used with Myra by Aviary.  It was very cool. I don’t know how everyone would feel trying to manage the different audio tracks, but I have dealt in a VERY beginner capacity with GarageBand to split and mix some music tracks before and it wasn’t much different for me than that.  I liked though that you could have the little fun things like different tracks to allow for music fading in and out and other such entertaining things. The interface was good and user friendly.  Though I will say the times were restrictive.  Not being able to upload more than 2.5 minutes at a time meant recording multiple tracks for upload even if you were on a roll. The 6 minute total on the free podcast was tough too.  Just as I felt like I was really sharing some good information about the experiences and work of the teacher I observed, I got nailed because I was at 7.5 minutes.  So, the race was on out of the building before they shut the lights off.  All in all though it was a manageable experience.

I think these podcasts might really be the way to go for teachers! You can not beat the opportunity to extend your teaching time by either offering reiterated lesson material or even new material for students to hear before discussion.  Great opportunities here for teachers at all levels.

Teacher Interview Podcast

*Hope this works. It’s about my 6th time trying to get it uploaded or even linked.


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