Peer Reviews

Peer review can truly be one of the most useful learning experiences in my book.

While reviewing both Schuyler and Marianne’s lessons, I feel that I just shared all the great things they did and didn’t necessarily give suggestions for improvement. Yet, I felt they each had a solid lesson, unit, and rubric! I also found as I stated before, that I think while I love Jing as a tool, the 5-minute limit on free recordings are really limiting. Five minutes is good because people tend to lose focus after that, but at the same time, then I think peer reviews of larger units of learning should be broken down into sub-sections for review. One way or the other, the perspective that peers can bring to a project in the making is incredible. As we talk about the powerful benefit of elementary and middle school students learning from one another, I think that we as adult students benefit just as much.

Here is a link to my comments on both Schuyler and Marianne’s lesson plans on Jing through They are excellent. I would be thrilled to learn that my middle schoolers were involved in projects like these.

Schuyler’s Review –
Marianne’s Review –


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