About Mrs. Lackner

PA Certified K-6 Elementary Education & K-12 Technology Education Teacher

Some people want to know who I am, but they are not looking for the resume rundown.  My candid answer starts with the saying that motives me each day.

Inspiration: If children cannot learn from the way we teach, maybe we should teach so they can learn!

Elementary teacher, wife, mom, student.  But don’t we all do too much at once these days?  Did the unthinkable to most… left tech industry behind for the lucrative world of teaching. The riches were exactly where I expected.  I have not regretted my decision for even a moment.  But I also have been lucky for the people who have ended up around me, in my path, and cheering me on.  From teachers, classmates, mentor teacher, principal to family, kids, husband- I have the most incredible, brilliant, and dedicated people I could have ever hoped to have around me.  I know they are the biggest reason I have never looked back and I am thrilled with what I do.  In case you don’t feel as though you have that amazing team around you, I hope I can help and you stick with it. If there are amazing people anywhere, it is in education!




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