Technology Resources for Teachers

This page is intended to provide teachers with ideas, web sites, and apps that will assist them with integrating technology in the classroom.

While I know that the Internet as well as apps such as Common Core and Pinterest are so fantastic for research and planning, I also understand how truly time consuming it is to search through the massive amounts of information to find truly useful, research-based, thoughtful, engaging material. Using sites like delicious is useful for organization, but that will only help after you have found the materials. Therefore, I have started to collect some key information and continually include it here so I can hopefully help make your time lesson planning effective and efficient.

If you have anything you think would help other teachers that I should include here, please do not hesitate to contact me. Also, definitely check out some of the information I included on the parent and student resource page as you may find something you would like to pass on to your classroom families.


Educational Standards, Resources, & Lesson Planning

ISTE Standards 

The ISTE (International Society of Technology in Education) (formerly NETS) has put forth standards for students, teachers, computer science teachers, administrators, and coaches.  These standards support learning and teaching in the digital age.  The site also offers other resources for digital and mobile lesson plans.

Pennsylvania Core Standards

The PA Department of Education has designed the PA Core Standards intended to align the former PA State Standards with Common Core Standards.  This page, as part of the PA Standards Aligned website, contains information that shows the links between these three areas.

Digital Tools


A fantastic website that allows you to take your favorite and most used Internet links with you no matter what classroom you are in.  The free website allows you to organize webpages in folders, categories and with tags.  The web developers also provide free iOS and android apps so you take them with you on your mobile devices.

100 Apps for Teachers

This blog, posted by a Rasmussen student, features a list of 100 apps for both iOS and android which teachers may find useful.  They are also helpfully categorized for quicker access.  The only downside is it does not tell the cost of each app, so you might have to shop around to stay in budget.


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