Is it me?

Here we are, a month into school and at the end of the day I drop into a chair in the school office while sighing with relief.  I adore the kids in my class, I really do.  They are so wonderful, each in their little person ways.  Yet, I am terrified about all that I haven’t gotten to.  I look around at how some teachers are ahead of me by whole chapters.  These students are a chatty, chatty, wild little bunch; I spend half the day bringing their attention back to the lesson.  Then I read the tale of a teacher in the The Sisters weekly tip.  She talks about trying little by little to have her students work independently and when she “turned her back” for just a second, the class became unglued.  It really helped me!  It let me know, it is not just my class.  I will get them there and I will catch up.  I look forward to them working independently and maybe then I can begin small group and individual work again!


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